Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cartoons, free speech, and cowardice

Consider this satirical cartoon:

Now consider this one:

The first cartoon is one of dozens of Fuck Off, Jesus memes that are floating around the internet. A google search for such memes returns around 900,000 results in less that half a second. Fuck Off, Jesus memes are clearly intended to be profoundly offensive to Christians, but I have yet to hear one single Progressive liberal concern troll waxing all self-righteous about the doubleplusungoodness of antagonizing Christians by being deliberately disrespectful of their religion. Quite to the contrary; antagonizing Christians is one of the core values of leftist political agitation in the Western world and Democrat public policy in the U.S.

Now consider the second cartoon, which was the winner of the Draw Mohammed contest that was attacked by two radicalized American Muslims on May 3rd. While whether it is more offensive than the Jesus memes is certainly up for debate, I don't think it is because it's an accurate portrayal of how a large and extremely violent cohort of the Muslim world views the core Western value of freedom of expression while the Jesus memes are just childishly deliberate, contemptuous mockery of the Christian deity without any basis or even interest at all in fact or accuracy.

It's plainly obvious that the breathless denunciations of both the Draw Mohammed contest and Charlie Hebdo stem from a deep-rooted cowardice. After all, when have Christians ever killed anybody over a satirical representation of Jesus? When have Christians ever even suggested that those who draw such cartoons be killed? Implicit in the hand-wringing about Mohammed cartoons is the bowel-loosening terror of the sort of Islamic violence that has been a constant part of international news for as long as I've been alive.

These people try to tell us that not baking a fucking wedding cake or refusing to pay for some broad's birth control is as bad, if not worse, than murdering people for drawing cartoons similar to the ones they chuckle at and share when they pop up by the dozen in their social media feeds. And then they expect to be taken seriously when the phrase "I'm all for free speech, but..." leaks out of their stupid fucking faces.

The people denouncing cartoonists who satirize Mohammed are cowards, pure and simple, who hypocritically revel in exactly the same sort of insulting of Christians and Christianity. Cowards don't attack targets that are likely to kill them. Cowards bow and scrape and appease, selling first their souls, then their neighbors, then their friends to tyrants and murderers that they themselves might be spared.

It's disgusting.

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